Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's about bloody time.

So here I am, 42 and finally ready to get down to business.  Like a billion others out there, I've been stop-starting over and over again.  Now though, I'm feeling like I have nothing standing in my way - in fact, I'm simply not prepared to let anything stand in my way.

This blog will be my on going journey - good days and bad days both.  This is where I get to be honest and tell myself the truth, let alone anyone else out there that decides their going to read this.  All the power to you.  And - all the power to me!

I chose the name of this blog "Coup de Gras" because for one, it made me giggle - and laughter is a great thing.  The other reason is because I've been letting the terrorists win.  Yup, if you say that my fat, appetite, laziness, procrastination, depression, etc etc are terrorists.  Well I've turned a corner at this wise OLD age of 42.  I've decided not to negotiate with terrorists.

So they (the terrorists) can suck it.

I'm going to take this opportunity to start from scratch.  I can't recall ever being this heavy before in my entire existence, nor weakest, slowest, blah blah blah.  So I figure I can only get better.

Yes, I have some serious goals - perhaps a little to lofty - but I like to reach high.  I don't look at it as setting myself up for failure.  I look at it like believing that it's possible.  Now.. to get from A to B I have to have a plan.

Yes, I have a plan.

I'm going to participate - yes, you read that right, PARTICIPATE in a group challenge.  Normally I wouldn't do something like that.  I hate group things.  However I recognize that the current way I have been doing things clearly is not working, so I'm going to do the opposite.

I'm joining the "do life" 10 week weight loss challenge.  Cool huh.
I found it here.

Ok, so let's get down to the brass tax.  Behold me at my most vulnerable.  The truth.
Starting with my numbers.  They say numbers don't really matter - but I beg to differ.  They do to me.
They represent the opportunity to recognize that currently they are way too yucky.  So let's do something about them.  That's what they say to me.

Weight: 264.5
BMI: 41.4
Neck: 15"
Upper Arm: R 14.5" L 14.5"
Bust: 50.5"
Ribcage: 46.5"
Waist: 45.5"
Hip: 57"
Upper Thigh: R 29"  L 28"
Calf: R 17.5"  L 17.5"

My husband will weigh me in weekly.  This Saturday (Jan 05th) will be the only time until the end of the year that I weigh in earlier than 1 week.  I have chosen Saturday mornings as the weigh in date for me.  I will remeasure each 1st day of the month.  I think this will keep it nice and consistent and allow me the opportunity to see changes.  I'll also take an official photo each month.

I plan to video blog (just have to figure that out)

I will record my exercise and food journal as well.

So here I my before pictures.

I actually could say tons of nasty things, but then I wouldn't want to read other people saying things so it obviously doesn't make sense for me to say them myself now does it?!

So that's it for now.
I'm happy that this is finally underway!

Hooray for me, and anyone else out there doing the same for themselves!  We rock!


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