Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2 Wrapped Up

Well today was a bit tougher all things considered.

My right hip is killing me.  I think it's telling me that it hates me and is asking me what the hell is going on with all this commotion.

I started my first day of the 0-5K run.  Ummm... Well... I got through half of it.  About one cycle after the "You have made it half way" my calves said they had made all they wanted to for the time being.  My cardio was hard, but I could have kept going, however, literally my calves said poop on that.
So instead of giving up all together, I switched to a bike and used the same intervals for moderate (walk) and kick ass (run) to keep up some kind of work out.
At least I have a point to start from.
The App thingy said if you can walk 30 mins  you can do this.  Um, sure if you weigh a little less than I do and have slightly looser calf muscles I 'spose that would be the case.

The other thing, even when I added in the extra calories for exercising today I didn't like how my food went overall.  I was really hungry mid afternoon.  Fine after working out.  I had the yummy chicken pasta that mike made, and then for a treat I had a hot chocolate.
All in all, my calories today were under 1700.

I don't think I ate enough protein, veggies or drank enough water.

I also need to figure out what I can eat for a snack in the afternoon that will keep me a bit more satisfied.  Or rather what I should be eating for lunch.

I guess it's going to be a bit of trial and error, hopefully more trial, less error.

I'm really looking forward to the Do Life challenge.  It starts on the 4th.  Yay.

I'm off to bed.  No gym in the morning.  Tomorrow is a walk night.


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