Sunday, January 6, 2013

Almost the end of Week 1

Yay Me.

Really, that says it all.

However, to elaborate just a bit more - Friday and Saturday went really well.  Went to the Gym on Friday, did 35 mins on the elliptical which is great because a week ago I was having trouble with 15.  The walks that I've been going on are really helping.

Saturday was my free exercise day - or rather it turned in to one because Shannon and I didn't go for our walk to due weather.  So we got a pedicure instead.  Seems reasonable to me.
I made smart food choices all day.  Like I said, Yay Me.

Today however.. twilight zone.  Not the Edward, Bella and Jacob kind either.  Everything started well. Up almost on time, picked up my darling niece who has generously agreed to walk me through some yoga poses so that I can develop a comfort level before taking a class.  Let me just say, I'm so proud of my niece.  She is strong and beautiful and it makes me feel so good to see her on such a positive path at 24.  Fantastic.  Yay Annamaija!

So, I muddled through the majority of poses.  Due to my tummers, leggers and upper armmers I couldn't quite hit them, but I made and effort to modify them so that I was feeling something.  I didn't like it but I knew that didn't matter.  I could see how they would benefit my body, especially where I'm so tight and in constant discomfort.  I'll keep at it slowly.

So I drove Annamaija home and went grocery shopping - which on a sunday is stupid, but whatever.
Firstly - no broccoli anywhere.  I went to 3 stores, no one had fresh broccoli.  Not even groady brocs. Just nothing.  So I got frozen.  Bleck.  But all my dinners usually have some kind of broccoli.  It's like a comfort food or something.

Then I got home.  Mike made me a DELICIOUS breakfast sandwich:

Dempsters Thin Multigrain Bagel
2 eggs fried, in a little Pam
2 slices of Turkey Bacon (Sorry A.)
Sliced tomatoes on the side.

I had a small mandarin orange.
This was at about 2:40pm.

Then I feel asleep on the sofa.  My legs were aching a bit, but I was still planning on my walk.
Then I woke up after 6.

I'm now having a bath (momentarily obv.) and going to bed.
I squeezed in another bagel with peanut butter (all journaled and counted) and tea.

Such a strange day.  What did that crazy mystery yogi do to me?  I must have terrible toxins that were let loose and basically conked me over the head as soon as I sat down.

I'll need a protein smoothie before I hit the gym in the morning.

Oh yes, tomorrow is weigh in.

See you at 5am.


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