Sunday, February 3, 2013

Harder than I thought

Well to wrap up the month it went like this..

OK, I guess.
Oh dear.

This is why I like Monday's (sort of)
Kind of like the idea that I get a fresh start.

Total this month was 9.5 lbs altogether.

Major challenges this month were:
Not planning enough, or preparing enough lunches in advance.
Working too much overtime which made it very easy for me to sleep in and not get to the gym, which equals the Huh? WTF? and definitely the "Oh dear.."

Success this month with new habits were:
Switch to herbal tea and drinking very few coffees
Drinking LOTS of water with lemon.  LOTS.
Eating breakfast every morning.
Eating a meatless meal at least 2 times a week and more if you don't count eggs as meat.
Not giving up.

Ok, off to bed.
til next time.

Monday, January 7, 2013

I'll Take 5 Anyday!

This morning was my Week 1 weigh in.  Down 5lbs people.

That's 5lbs.  Yup...5lbs.

New weight is 259.5
Can't wait for next week.  I don't at all expect to see a repeat, I'm sure some of this was water weight - and I'll take whatever it was.
So as long as I see that number going down, and I'm feeling a bit better, then I'll be a happy camper - who is not actually camping right now, as it's a little to rainish outside.

Hooray for me.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Almost the end of Week 1

Yay Me.

Really, that says it all.

However, to elaborate just a bit more - Friday and Saturday went really well.  Went to the Gym on Friday, did 35 mins on the elliptical which is great because a week ago I was having trouble with 15.  The walks that I've been going on are really helping.

Saturday was my free exercise day - or rather it turned in to one because Shannon and I didn't go for our walk to due weather.  So we got a pedicure instead.  Seems reasonable to me.
I made smart food choices all day.  Like I said, Yay Me.

Today however.. twilight zone.  Not the Edward, Bella and Jacob kind either.  Everything started well. Up almost on time, picked up my darling niece who has generously agreed to walk me through some yoga poses so that I can develop a comfort level before taking a class.  Let me just say, I'm so proud of my niece.  She is strong and beautiful and it makes me feel so good to see her on such a positive path at 24.  Fantastic.  Yay Annamaija!

So, I muddled through the majority of poses.  Due to my tummers, leggers and upper armmers I couldn't quite hit them, but I made and effort to modify them so that I was feeling something.  I didn't like it but I knew that didn't matter.  I could see how they would benefit my body, especially where I'm so tight and in constant discomfort.  I'll keep at it slowly.

So I drove Annamaija home and went grocery shopping - which on a sunday is stupid, but whatever.
Firstly - no broccoli anywhere.  I went to 3 stores, no one had fresh broccoli.  Not even groady brocs. Just nothing.  So I got frozen.  Bleck.  But all my dinners usually have some kind of broccoli.  It's like a comfort food or something.

Then I got home.  Mike made me a DELICIOUS breakfast sandwich:

Dempsters Thin Multigrain Bagel
2 eggs fried, in a little Pam
2 slices of Turkey Bacon (Sorry A.)
Sliced tomatoes on the side.

I had a small mandarin orange.
This was at about 2:40pm.

Then I feel asleep on the sofa.  My legs were aching a bit, but I was still planning on my walk.
Then I woke up after 6.

I'm now having a bath (momentarily obv.) and going to bed.
I squeezed in another bagel with peanut butter (all journaled and counted) and tea.

Such a strange day.  What did that crazy mystery yogi do to me?  I must have terrible toxins that were let loose and basically conked me over the head as soon as I sat down.

I'll need a protein smoothie before I hit the gym in the morning.

Oh yes, tomorrow is weigh in.

See you at 5am.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ugh.. Day 3. The Lost Art of Stretching.

Well, the food issue is working itself out a bit better.  I swear tomorrow I'm going to eat an egg white omelet for breakfast instead of an apple and cheese.  Clearly I am not getting enough protein before mid-day.

I have my fitness assessment tomorrow night at 6pm.  That should be interesting.  As long as they don't make me run my calves should cooperate.  Operative word: Cooperate.

Tonight I thought I'd give the 0-5K thing a go because I only made it half way through yesterday until my calves cramped and I thought I was going to die.
Tonight, I hoped it would be different - you know, not on a treadmill and outside in the fresh air.  No.
Worse.  I got through one cycle only and that was that.  So I spent the rest of the time walking (45mins) and trying to loosen my calves.

Yes, I stretched before I went out.  Clearly I need to relearn the art of stretching.

Mood wise today was average.  Nothing great, nothing awful.  Little bit of stress at work but who doesn't have that.

Also on the agenda for tomorrow.... the official DO LIFE Challenge starts!
I'm really excited about participating in something.

I'm such a joiner these days.

Bath Time.  Peace Out.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2 Wrapped Up

Well today was a bit tougher all things considered.

My right hip is killing me.  I think it's telling me that it hates me and is asking me what the hell is going on with all this commotion.

I started my first day of the 0-5K run.  Ummm... Well... I got through half of it.  About one cycle after the "You have made it half way" my calves said they had made all they wanted to for the time being.  My cardio was hard, but I could have kept going, however, literally my calves said poop on that.
So instead of giving up all together, I switched to a bike and used the same intervals for moderate (walk) and kick ass (run) to keep up some kind of work out.
At least I have a point to start from.
The App thingy said if you can walk 30 mins  you can do this.  Um, sure if you weigh a little less than I do and have slightly looser calf muscles I 'spose that would be the case.

The other thing, even when I added in the extra calories for exercising today I didn't like how my food went overall.  I was really hungry mid afternoon.  Fine after working out.  I had the yummy chicken pasta that mike made, and then for a treat I had a hot chocolate.
All in all, my calories today were under 1700.

I don't think I ate enough protein, veggies or drank enough water.

I also need to figure out what I can eat for a snack in the afternoon that will keep me a bit more satisfied.  Or rather what I should be eating for lunch.

I guess it's going to be a bit of trial and error, hopefully more trial, less error.

I'm really looking forward to the Do Life challenge.  It starts on the 4th.  Yay.

I'm off to bed.  No gym in the morning.  Tomorrow is a walk night.


The Day After..

Day 2:
So can't recall if I mentioned that I went for a kick ass walk late yesterday afternoon/ early evening.
It was really good because it was an hour long, and I hoofed it.  My knees really felt it.  I noticed when I got home that I had the lovely aroma of ammonia wafting out of my pours.  Apparently some of us with too much protein in our diet have sweat that has a high percentage of ammonia.  WTF?  I east so little protein it's ridiculous.  I totally don't get that one.  So hopefully by upping my water intake I'll be able to make it a little less stinky in the world.  Don't hold your breath though (ok, maybe you should)

I was going to go to the gym this morning before work, but apparently I decided to sleep in a bit - so I will go after work now.  Even though I'm tired and hungry, I'll still go with a smile plastered on my face.
I am planning on starting my 0-5K program tonight.  I'm really interested to see how I do.  I've never been a runner - although I've wanted to run.  I dream about it.  It's actually one of my relaxation techniques.  So I thought I should actually give it a go.
Wish me luck!

As for food - I feel like I'm a little low today.
So far this is what I've had:

Breakfast: Apple and Cheese, Tea.
Snack: Refrigerator Oatmeal (Raspberry)
Lunch: Lean Cuisine, Raw Veggies, Babybel Cheese, Mandarin Orange.

I still have for a pre-gym workout another apple and babybel.

I'm drinking water with Lime today.  I'm finding the lime a bit on the sour side - not sure I'll do that tomorrow.  Seeing how I have been having a bit of a caffeine headache, I've taken some Tylenol and am now drinking Crystal Light - let's hope this helps because I really want to have the energy to work out tonight.

I'm telling you - giving up pop and coffee are going to be 2 of the hardest things for me.  I don't even want to talk about McDonald's!!

I just keep telling myself (well a few weeks ago when it was bugging me - I really wanted fish and chips or KFC) that it's never going to taste as good as I think it will.  It never does, and it always makes me feel like heaving it all up.  Oil. Bleck.

Besides, hello!! I don't want Gallbladder issues, so I really want to keep as much fried and fatty food out of my diet.

Mike is making dinner tonight - chicken with peppers, onions baked in pasta sauce.  Pasta on the side.

If I have any calories left after dinner and tea, I'm going to have fresh fruit with Creme Freche as a treat.  We'll see.

So to recap: I'm pooped, headachy, moany and still in good spirits and ready to do day 1 of my 0-5k.
I'd say that's a decent day so far.

Poopy MaGee.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's about bloody time.

So here I am, 42 and finally ready to get down to business.  Like a billion others out there, I've been stop-starting over and over again.  Now though, I'm feeling like I have nothing standing in my way - in fact, I'm simply not prepared to let anything stand in my way.

This blog will be my on going journey - good days and bad days both.  This is where I get to be honest and tell myself the truth, let alone anyone else out there that decides their going to read this.  All the power to you.  And - all the power to me!

I chose the name of this blog "Coup de Gras" because for one, it made me giggle - and laughter is a great thing.  The other reason is because I've been letting the terrorists win.  Yup, if you say that my fat, appetite, laziness, procrastination, depression, etc etc are terrorists.  Well I've turned a corner at this wise OLD age of 42.  I've decided not to negotiate with terrorists.

So they (the terrorists) can suck it.

I'm going to take this opportunity to start from scratch.  I can't recall ever being this heavy before in my entire existence, nor weakest, slowest, blah blah blah.  So I figure I can only get better.

Yes, I have some serious goals - perhaps a little to lofty - but I like to reach high.  I don't look at it as setting myself up for failure.  I look at it like believing that it's possible.  Now.. to get from A to B I have to have a plan.

Yes, I have a plan.

I'm going to participate - yes, you read that right, PARTICIPATE in a group challenge.  Normally I wouldn't do something like that.  I hate group things.  However I recognize that the current way I have been doing things clearly is not working, so I'm going to do the opposite.

I'm joining the "do life" 10 week weight loss challenge.  Cool huh.
I found it here.

Ok, so let's get down to the brass tax.  Behold me at my most vulnerable.  The truth.
Starting with my numbers.  They say numbers don't really matter - but I beg to differ.  They do to me.
They represent the opportunity to recognize that currently they are way too yucky.  So let's do something about them.  That's what they say to me.

Weight: 264.5
BMI: 41.4
Neck: 15"
Upper Arm: R 14.5" L 14.5"
Bust: 50.5"
Ribcage: 46.5"
Waist: 45.5"
Hip: 57"
Upper Thigh: R 29"  L 28"
Calf: R 17.5"  L 17.5"

My husband will weigh me in weekly.  This Saturday (Jan 05th) will be the only time until the end of the year that I weigh in earlier than 1 week.  I have chosen Saturday mornings as the weigh in date for me.  I will remeasure each 1st day of the month.  I think this will keep it nice and consistent and allow me the opportunity to see changes.  I'll also take an official photo each month.

I plan to video blog (just have to figure that out)

I will record my exercise and food journal as well.

So here I my before pictures.

I actually could say tons of nasty things, but then I wouldn't want to read other people saying things so it obviously doesn't make sense for me to say them myself now does it?!

So that's it for now.
I'm happy that this is finally underway!

Hooray for me, and anyone else out there doing the same for themselves!  We rock!